what would you give up to save a life?help now


One of the most frequent questions we get is how people can give when we are between initiatives.  We suggest organizations that may fit the hearts of the donors, but inevitably we get the question of “why can’t we just give to you?”  Short answer: we aren’t a charity, we’re a traffic cop.  But what if we could?  What if we were able to collect funds and pass them through to where the need is greatest?  What if we could enact change, better lives in this way?  In order to do this, we need to become a 501 c3, a non-profit.

Up until now Mike has paid for everything out of pocket – marketing, Facebook ads, webspace, printing, etc.  Quite honestly, he’s doing what he can but lacks the funds to take Small Sacrifice to the next level.  That’s where (hopefully!) you come in.

We’re raising $5000, roughly the legal and administrative costs of becoming a 501 c3.  ALL excess funds will be given to Feed My Starving Children to provide life-giving meals for children.

Can you help?  Can you give a few dollars so that we can continue to change lives?  Do you know a lawyer that could provide some help?  Just to be clear, we DO touch this money.  And it will all go to the legal work to help us help more kids.
donateTogether, we achieve more.  Together, we can move a mountain.  Will you join us?