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why crayons matter?

Lilly USA gave Mike the opportunity to head to Lima, Peru a few years ago as a part of their Connecting Hearts Abroad program, a really cool way to give back while empowering employees.  Click here to learn more about the experience.  Courtenay Fields, another Lilly employee, participated in the program in 2011, and like Mike, decided to make a difference when she returned.

crayons-matterCourtenay founded Crayons Matter, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to educate children globally and locally while inspiring their imaginations through crayons and basic school supplies.  100% of all funds raised go to programs! Crayons Matter has impacted over 1000 children!

From July 13-17 Small Sacrifice partnered with Crayons Matter to impact the lives of even more children.  We asked YOU to give up some sort of entertainment during the week and share it with Crayons Matter.  100% of your donation went to helping kids!  You delivered!  Over 50 backpacks were given!  You gave up a movie and popcorn for you and the significant other, and gave a backpack full of school supplies to a child!  You gave up magazines, album downloads, and even shared your cable bill for the month!  To help now click here or the Crayons Matter logo!