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What would you give up to save someone’s life? A few bucks?  A cup of coffee?  Bottled water for a few days?

2000 children die every day from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions.  The average working American spends over $14.00 a week on coffee, not including the coffee that they drink in their own home.  Factor in what we drink in bottled water, and choosing the tap instead of the barista or the bottle could, literally, save a village.  See, there’s this device called the Water of Life filter that costs $79 and filters 1 million gallons of water.  That’s enough for the child’s family.  For the rest of their lives.  If you could save the lives of some children and their families today by giving up your coffee for a day (or more) or your bottled water for a few days, by simply drinking our SAFE tap water, would it be worth it?

The idea was simple.  In late May, 2014 we gave up our coffee and bottled water, and shared the money that we would have used for these drinks with a very specific cause, Compassion International.

If you give up your coffee for a day, consider sharing $5 with Compassion.  If you can get a dozen of your friends to help, you’ve given a family water for a lifetime!  If you give up your bottled water for a few days, consider sharing $5, $10, or more.  There is no such thing as too little – love and help is love and help.  All of your generosity goes to Compassion International’s Water of Life program.  We at smallsacrifice don’t touch your money in any way.

Please help generate awareness of the impact that a simple act of sacrifice can make!  Get as much attention and as many people involved as possible.  This needs to be viral.  Love needs to be viral.  Share, Tweet, reddit, talk to your coworkers, get the word out.