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why Embrace?

For our Embrace the Smallest Hope campaign, Small Sacrifice partnered with Embrace Global  to provide life saving care for up to 2500 children! Like our other partners, Embrace is very good at what they do.  In their words,

embrace mothers banner

Embrace was founded in 2008 as a nonprofit organization. In 2012, a separate for-profit social enterprise—Embrace Innovations—was launched to manufacture the warmer, while the nonprofit continued to focus on improving newborn health care in less developed countries. In 2015, Embrace joined Thrive Networks, an international NGO working to improve the health and well-being of underserved communities in Asia and Africa through evidence-based programs and technologies.

A few things were important when we considered with whom we would partner.

– We wanted to know where the money was going.  Transparency is key, as no one wants to see only $.60 of their dollar going to the cause.
– Children need care not a band-aid.  There is a difference.
– It’s critical that the children receive medical care that is top notch.
– We believe in Ripple Theory, so it is important that the communities are made stronger by the change that occurs for the children.
– The organization that we partner with has to have a history of doing the right things for the right reasons, and seeing the right fruit.
– Finally, the organization should have a mission that aligns with what we believe.

So, why did we choose Embrace? Embrace is a part of Thrive Networks.
– An outstanding Charity Navigator rating of 4 stars.
– A high return rate: over $.87 of every $1 goes to providing care through programs.
– Very high transparency and fiscal responsibility.
– A proven track record of success and changed lives.  In 2014 Thrive Networks provided care to over 80,000 newborns and young children.  They don’t mess around.
– A legacy of communities changed. Thrive and Embrace empower communities. In 2014 through 9 programs they changed 1,160,000 lives.