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embrace the smallest hope

Over 2000 babies saved! Think of the wave of change that creates: mothers hold, know, and teach their children. Villages, communities grow and have hope.

You showed up BIG on Mother’s Day 2016 and donated over 24 Embrace warmers. I can’t think of a better gift for your mom. Or the mom of the child that you saved!

When a premature child is born in a developing country, they have only the smallest hope for survival. Together we changed that! Mother’s Day, 2016, we gave these babies a chance with an Embrace Warmer!

Tembrace tradehe idea was simple – cut back on what you give your mom, and give her the gift that she gave you – LIFE! Every $5 gave a baby a chance. A $25 gift, or what you may have spend on flowers, provided health care and vital care for a newborn child. $50, or Mother’s Day brunch, can provide a hospital hand sanitizer for THREE MONTHS (this cleanliness gives life). Want to go big? A piece of $200 jewelry gave an entire Embrace warmer.

As always, we don’t touch your money. It all goes to Embrace.

The Embrace warmer (www.embraceglobal.org) costs only $200, 1% of the cost of a traditional incubator, and helps an average of 50 babies! To give now, check out: http://welcome.thrivenetworks.org/embracesmallsacrifice