what would you give up to save a life?help now


What would you give up to save a life? A meal? A cup of coffee? Something bigger?

A refugees life is on pause, indefinitely, until someone can provide the basics for them to survive and thrive again. One small sacrifice from us to pause could make all the difference. Put your coffee, lunch, movie night, Netflix account, or even family dinner out on “pause” and help Preemptive Love help refugees. You can provide a family with meals, an infant with diapers and formula, or even save a life with medicine.

We are asking you to PRESS PAUSE on some aspect of your life and share the cost of that “PAUSE” with Preemptive Love Coalition to provide life-giving food, medicine, or infant care for a Syrian family.

A pack of gum = $1 = a doctor visit for a child
Your lunch = $12 = formula and diapers for a Syrian baby and mother
A trip to the movies for you and your sweetie = $35 = emergency medicine for 10 people

A dinner out = $50 = feed 5 families for a week
A spa day = $185 = a medical clinic for a day, complete with medications and some surgeries

$12 = diapers and formula



$35 = medicine for 10 people

$50 = food for a week for 5 families

Fight hate with our love.

Punch despair in the face with hope.

Crush this imposed marginalization by valuing those that are used as collateral and are treated as worthless.

We want to create a landslide of love, an avalanche of hope that starts with a sandwich and ends with a changed world.

Refugees don’t want to live in your house. They want to go home to theirs. Help by loving where they are, providing what they need in their country.

What can you do?

  1. Follow us, share us, get the word out.
  2. Engage in conversations – help others to understand the problem and why it makes sense to provide to these people.
  3. Give sacrificially – understand what it’s like to be hungry for a bit by giving up your lunch. Understand what it’s like to give something up. Use the money that you would have spent on lunch to help Preemptive Love Coalition provide meals.

Why PLC?

  1. A track record of making bold changes in the world through love.
  2. An exceptional impact for your dollar. Your money goes where you want it to. Over 90% of each dollar is food on a plate in Mosul.
  3. A model based on empowerment and self-sufficiency. PLC uses local help and local resources, keeping the business and funds in the ecosystem, allowing stability to return to the area while containing costs.

Why Small Sacrifice?

  1. A track record of success. With your help we have provided thousands of meals, dozens of cleft palate surgeries, years of clean water, and saved the lives of thousands of babies.
  2. We don’t touch your money. It goes directly to Preemptive Love Coalition.
  3. We vet organizations and causes for you, making the giving decision easy, approachable, and satisfying.