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the three pillars

We believe that there needs to be a few things that are consistent in all of the Small Sacrifice events.

Awareness – All of our events seek to shine a light on a particular need, and share that need with the world.  If a child dies every 5 seconds from hunger related causes, we need to make this known.  We need to share this via Facebook, Twitter, water cooler conversations, and any means possible.  People need to be aware of an issue to make a change.

Understanding – All Small Sacrifices provide the opportunity for an experience, a deeper understanding of the cause that we are standing against.  We’re standing against hunger?  Let’s all give up a meal.  Standing against violence?  Let’s all do a ridiculous act of love.  Standing to provide drinking water?  Let’s give up our Fuji and Aquafina.  It’s not something that you have to do, rather something we encourage you to do as we stand with those whose lives we try to impact.

Movement – This is the no-brainer.  This is about the small gifts that add up to big change.  This is about the change in your pocket, the cost of a lunch.  This is about willing to do something small, in the moment, to show grace and love.

When these three come together, the magic happens.  It’s where lives are changed, compassion is viral, and our hearts are molded into something new and amazing.

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