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share your smile day

Small Sacrifices from CURE Multimedia on Vimeo.

What if you woke up and didn’t feel beautiful?  Not like bad-hair-day-not-beautiful, but the feeling that you would be teased, ostracized, shunned, and generally be outcast?

What if on the day that you were born, you were given the name “cursed by God” simply because of how you looked?

This is life and reality for more than one million children who suffer from unrepaired clefts.  Every baby born with a cleft in Uganda is given the name Ajok, which means “cursed by God.”

NO child should live this way. NO child should live this way.

I know that we wrote that twice.  Truth sometimes needs to be repeated.

What if, for one day, you could give up something small that could make a huge impact on the life of a child with a cleft?

That’s exactly what we asked ourselves, and on MAY 29, 2013, we banded together to make a difference.  To give life.  Ladies gave up their makeup and shared the money that they would have spent on cosmetics.  Guys didn’t shave.  Heck, some guys even went the week without shaving.  We shared your razor costs with CURE.

And we collectively shared over $14,000, enough to provide medical care to 33 children!

Here’s a few really cool things about this event:

1. In order to raise awareness of cleft lips and palates, we sent buttons, free of charge, that encouraged people to ask why you’re not wearing makeup or not shaving.  That’s right, free stuff.
2. In order to create understanding, participants chose the child that they would like to support.
3. To further the connection and create some movement you can send your sponsored child get well letters, and sign up for updates of their progress.

Lets write that again:
– free buttons, in your mailbox
– you choose to help Susie, so your money goes directly to her care
– you can write to Susie, and get updates on her progress

Susie’s lasting smile is worth a day without makeup and shaving, right?  Raise your flag, join the army, change a life.


For information on cleft lips and palates, please check out this FAQ at Operation Smile