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share your lunch day

nicaragua girlJanuary 16, 2013 marked the first Small Sacrifice event.  The turnout was amazing!  We were represented by change agents (that means you!) from 6 out of 7 continents, dozens of states, and hundreds of individuals who don’t just want change, but want to do something about it.  Your efforts on January 16 ave provided the funds to create almost 20,000 meals for  starving children!

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The idea was really quite simple.  On Wednesday, January 16, 2013, hundreds chose to give up their lunch so that others could eat.  Did you miss Share Your Lunch Day?  No big deal.    You can still save lives today!

1. Give what you would have spent at lunch.  You would have grabbed a ham sandwich and a Coke?  Great, give the $4.89.  Maybe you wanted filet that day.  No problem, give the $23.99 to feed these kids.  Give what you have, what you would have spent, and remember that every dollar provides almost 5 meals.

2. After you give, jump to our Facebook page and let us know what you gave up to save a life.

3. Rejoice in knowing that you’re part of the solution, that your small sacrifice changed the lives and trajectories of many children.