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why Feed My Starving Children?


Feed My Starving Children is the organization with whom we have chosen to partner on this leg of our journey.

A few things were important.

– We wanted to know where the money was going.  Transparency is key, and no one wants to see only $.60 of their dollar going to the cause.
– It’s critical that the children receive nutrition, not just food.  There is a difference.
– The organization that we partner with has to have a history of doing the right things for the right reasons, and seeing the right fruit.
– The food needs to get to the right place, and make it there reliably.
– Finally, the organization should have a mission that aligns with what we believe.

So, why did we choose Feed My Starving Children?
– A very high return rate: over $.92 of every $1 goes to feeding children.
– A premium, excellent, and efficient food that only costs $.22 per serving.
– A proven track record of success and changed lives: last year, FMSC produced 133 million meals.  Here’s their 2011 annual report.  They don’t mess around.
A history of putting the food where it is needed: 99.7% of meals make it to where they are planned.

Additionally, Feed My Starving Children has been rated an amazing 69.14 out of 70 by Charity Navigator, a very highly esteemed independent charity rating organization.  This rating is based on Accountability, Transparency, and Financial indices.  Accountability and Transparency were rated an astounding 70/70.

We have no connection with Feed My Starving Children other than a shared desire to change the lives and trajectories of children who are living in hunger.

Feed My Starving Children

FMSC Distribution Partner - Honduras

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian organization.  This shouldn’t prevent someone who isn’t a Christian from helping them feed kids.  Their mission is to love by saving lives and providing meals, through being action, not words.  If you’re not a Christian and are hesitant to donate because of the affiliation with God, please remember that they are saving children’s lives.  That is not a religious issue, it is a moral issue, and if you are reading this, you are probably not morally opposed to saving children’s lives.  If you would like to understand where we stand, click here.