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A lot of people have asked who we, Small Sacrifice, really are.  We’re a team of people united by a desire to help change the world and a few hearts along the way.  That being said, we wanted to let you, dear visitor, see that we are real people with real stories.  And so, we would like to introduce Mike Clark.

Mike, a 30-something inhabitant of central Pennsylvania, husband of an angel and father of 2 princesses, and full time sales professional was impacted several times over the past few years by what poverty looks like, and by how blessed he really is.  Growing up in Vermont and living a pretty comfy existence in the Northeast US, Mike hadn’t really experienced how most of the world lives.  Great family, good college experience, a fantastic job, he was living the dream.  He loved (and still does) playing guitar for his pretty large church, playing some suburban basketball, and spending time with his family.  But that sense of contentment was about to be replaced with a heart of purpose and compassion as God planted some significant seeds.

A few years back, the Compassion International Christmas catalog arrived unexpectedly in Mike’s mailbox.  If you’re not familiar, the catalog “sells” goats, sheep, and ducks, all gifts to people who have almost nothing.  After flipping through the “gifts,” Mike fell weeping to his knees in the kitchen, heart torn out by the fact that so little could make such a huge difference.  The seed was planted.  In August, 2012 that seed was watered by a service trip to Lima, Peru.  Eli Lilly sent Mike as part of the Connecting Hearts Abroad program, a way for the company to give back as well as empower employees to create change. Working in the poorest slums in Lima, Mike saw what “real” poverty was about.  And it wasn’t cool.

Kids eating half rotten produce because it was all that they had.

Garbage “dumps” city blocks wide and towering above the streets, where men and animals scavenged and fought for scraps of food.

Mothers, weak because they had given all of their food to their children.

Undrinkable water, untreatable infections.

Mike returned to Pennsylvania, heart in his hand, determined to do something about some of the issues that he had witnessed.  Before Peru, Mike and his buddy Tim had talked together of the power of social media, and the ability to leverage that network to rally the troops.  Now there was a definite reason to raise an army, to fly the flag of compassion, love and sacrifice.

And just like that, war was declared.  Join the army.  Put on your armor.  Grab your sword.  Let’s fight indifference.  One small sacrifice at a time.

In 2015 Mike was named one of Fortune Magazine’s Heroes of the 500 and was chosen to give a Tedx talk, which is are honors that he prays that he will grow into.